Ajuga australis - Austral Bugle

Ajuga australis

Austral Bugle

Other names: Bugle
Family: Lamiaceae (Mint family)
Habitat: Moist open forests on enriched soils, rainforest margins
Uses: The bruised leaves and juice were used as a treatment for skin wounds and sores
References: Robinson, Mt Annan Botanical Gardens

Austral Bugle is a herb, sometimes purplish-looking, 10-30 cm high. It is widespread in open forest in Eastern and Southern Australia.

The bruised plant was infused in hot water and used used to bathe sores and boils. The leaves have reportedly been used as a salve for wounds.

Ajuga australis - Austral Bugle
Photo: Ajuga australis - Austral Bugle, Mt Annan Botanical Gardens NSW. Higher resolution (2874 x 2000)

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Ajuga australis - Austral Bugle

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