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Other names:
Introduced From: Eurasia
Family: Fabaceae
Habitat: Lawns, pastures and roadsides
Uses: The leaves may be eaten. Some people claim that the other parts of the plant (shoots, stems, flowers, seeds and roots) are also edible, though tough and not very nice to eat.
Season: All
References: Low (Weeds), Richardson and Shepherd

Clovers are extremely common weeds of lawns and other areas. There may be some issues with oxalic acid if you eat too many of them.

I have taken a heap of clover pictures over the years, to put on this page when I finally got around to making it, though for some reason I can't find any of them at the moment. The one below I took yesterday with my mobile phone.

Trifolium - Clover - Bush Tucker Plant Foods
Photo: Trifolium repens, White Clover. Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains NSW. High resolution (1832 x 1868)

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Trifolium - Clover - Edible Weeds and Bush Tucker Plant Foods

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