Noisy Miner - Manorina melanocephala

Noisy Miner

Manorina melanocephala

Family: Meliphagidae (Honeyeaters, 74 species in Australia)
Size: 24-28 cm
Distribution: Within about 1000 km of the east coast of Australia, except the northern tip of QLD. Almost all of VIC and most of TAS. A small part of southeastern SA.
Status: Common
Habitat: Woodlands, suburbs
References: Simpson and Day, Reader's Digest

The noisy miner is a very common bird in much of the parts of Australia where it is found. It is a native to Australia unlike the common or "Indian" myna. It is loud and agressive to other birds. It is usually much more shy around people than the common myna.

The beak and feet of the noisy miner are dark yellow with a small, dark yellow patch behind the eye.

Noisy Miner - Manorina melanocephala
Photo: Lake Parramatta, NSW.

Noisy Miner - Manorina melanocephala
Photo: Watsons Bay, NSW.

Noisy Miner - Manorina melanocephala
Artwork: John Gould, 'The Birds of Australia', 1848. Original Scanned Image.

I made the drawing below as part of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. It is not meant to be artistic or even particuluarly technically correct. The main purpose of drawing in the course is that it is a great aid to learning the identifying details of what you are drawing.

Noisy Miner - Manorina melanocephala
The above photo shows my drawing of the noisy miner from the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. High resolution (1749 x 2434)

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Noisy Miner - Manorina melanocephala

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