Green Sawfish - Pristis zijsron

Green Sawfish

Pristis zijsron

Other Names: Longcomb Sawfish, Narrowsnout Sawfish, Narrow-snouted Sawfish, Dindagubba, Green Saw-fish
Family: Pristidae (sawfishes)
Size: Up to 7.3 metres
Distribution: Found in tropical waters of the Indo-West Pacific oceans, from the Red Sea and east Africa to Papua New Guinea, north to southern China, and south to New South Wales, Australia, between latitudes 21 degrees N and 37 degrees S.
Status: Critically endangered
References: Wikipedia, Fishes of Australia

Green sawfishes are critically endangered. They're nocturnal hunters. Their "nose" or "saw" is called the rostrum. They can use their rostrum in self-defence against predators like sharks and even human divers. However they do not attack people unless provoked or suprised. They're closely related to rays.

Green Sawfish - Pristis zijsron
Photo: Sydney Aquarium. High Resolution 2637 x 1758.

Green Sawfish - Pristis zijsron
Photo: Sydney Aquarium. High Resolution 3852 x 2568.

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Green Sawfish - Pristis zijsron

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