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If you find this site helpful like a book you might have had to buy, or a workshop or course you may have had to take, please consider helping me to continue helping everyone.

On this page there are five ways that you can help out:

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I came very close to scrapping survival.org.au in winter 2009 due to financial difficulties. Since then I have decided that the site has to pay its way (or at least some of it) if it is going to stay.

It has taken me many years of unpaid time to put together the information contained in this website, which has been on the internet since 2005. Since 2010 I have been making a small amount of money (currently about $30-40 a week) from the advertising on the site, but this obviously does not come even remotely close to making the site a worthwhile investment from a financial point of view.

I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people learn about things that they can not only enjoy now, but will be extremely useful to them (and to everyone they know) in a few years time when the economy completely crashes. It's an unfortunate reality that the things that people are generally prepared to pay for are almost entirely things that will be of no use to anyone when that happens. This website (and survival skills in general) are not really the kind of thing that you would do for the money. But if I can make a bit of money from it, it helps me to be able to keep on doing it and still pay my rent (and justify to my family for the time I spend on it)...

If you have enjoyed and/or learned something from this website, and you would like to contribute, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

If you haven't helped yet, please do, and consider helping me with a gift of $5.00.

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If you have Facebook or Twitter you can like or "tweet" any individual page on this site using the buttons at the top of the right column. There is also a "Share This" button that allows you to post the page on a wide variety of different types of electronic media such as email, SMS texts, wordpress blogs, MySpace, etc.

By sharing or liking (or otherwise posting) any page from this site, other people get to see it and this helps promote survival.org.au. If you are using the share button, please only send links to people you know and you think would be interested in the page.

Promoting the site will help increase awareness of knowledge and skills that people are going to desperately need in a few years time. The more people we can begin to educate now, the better off they will be when things start to really go belly up, and that means that everyone will be better off.

Purchase Books and/or Other Materials

If You Are Located in Australia

I am affiliated with The Survival Centre, who sell a wide range of survival related products. Complete survival kits and other survival related equipment including first aid kits, water purification devices, tents, cooking equipment, navigation, and complete "bug-out" bags containing everything including the backpack.

The Survival Centre - Survival Kits

Survival.org.au is affiliated with LEGEAR (short for "Law Enforcement Gear"), an excellent Australian provider of equipment, much of which is useful for survival and outdoor activities. Their range includes knives, multi tools, compasses and GPS, backpacks, hydration gear, optics (binoculars, scopes, gun sights, and night vision equipment), first aid kits and medical equipment, outdoor watches such as Casio G-Shock and Traser, outdoor and camouflage clothing, boots/footwear, cooking equipment, flashlights/torches and lighting, and hard to find items like camouflage face paint.


I am affiliated with the Australian online bookshop The Nile, which gives me a 5% commission on anything you buy from them if you go there from this website. If you live in Australia I would recommend trying them out as their prices are very cheap and you often get free shipping to anywhere in Australia. They are also cheap if you live in New Zealand.

The Nile Online Bookstore

I am also affiliated with the Australian online bookshop Fishpond, which also give me a 5% commission on anything you buy there if you go there from this website. They also seem to be fairly cheap.


If You Are Located Internationally or in Australia

If you live outside Australia, an excellent source of nature, wilderness awareness and wilderness survival material is Wilderness Awareness School (located in the USA). I have recently signed up with them as an affiliate so I will get 10% of anything you buy there if you go there from the links on my site. They are a registered charity so you will be supporting both survival.org.au and an awesome wilderness school if you buy anything that way. As I get around to it I will add links to more nature and survival books available from there.

Wilderness Awareness School

I get a percentage (I think it is about 4%) of the price of books purchased from Amazon.com via this website. It is meant to work for any books (or products) that they sell, not just the ones I have mentioned — so if you get to Amazon.com via any of the links on this website, and you search for and buy anything at all from them (even a giant screen plasma TV), survival.org.au will get a percentage of that. The price to you (the buyer) is the same as otherwise. I am not expecting to make a lot of money from this (from 2006 to September 2009 it has been about $30 in total so far), but hopefully it will offset somewhat the hosting costs for this site.

Pages Listed Elsewhere On This Website

Listed below are some of the pages on survival.org.au that offer products for sale:

Australian Field Guides and Nature Books
Survival Books

My Top Two Survival Books
Permaculture, Self Sufficiency And Sustainable Living Books

Link to www.survival.org.au

Another means of supporting the site is to link to it from any other web page(s) that you have access to (such as a blog, a personal site, or your organisation's site). You can also encourage other people that you know to link to survival.org.au. You can link either to the homepage or to any other page on the site.

Linking to the site supports it in two ways: Firstly, the more links there are, the more visitors this site will get. Secondly, having more sites linking to this site means that it will be ranked much higher in search engines (such as Google), since these search engines use the number of other sites that link to a site to determine how important a site is.

If you do not know any HTML or how to link to a website, a basic link can be made by pasting the code (like in the examples below) into another web page. Some forums and message boards allow links in their posts and others do not (in which case they usually just won't work).

<a href="http://www.survival.org.au">www.survival.org.au</a>

The code above will create a link that points to the home page and looks like this: www.survival.org.au

<a href="http://www.survival.org.au/vegie_garden.php">Start a Vegetable 

The code above will create a link that points to the page vegie_garden.php and looks like this: Start a Vegetable Garden

Thanks for reading!

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